asyncorm.apps package

Submodules module

class, relative_name, abs_path, orm)[source]

Bases: asyncorm.apps.app_migration.AppMigration

An App (application) describes a set of features for your development, all the kind of objects that related together should be defined in the same Application.


Constructs the declared models in the App via introspection.

Returns:list of models for an specific App
Return type:list(asyncorm.models.Model)

asyncorm.apps.app_config module

class asyncorm.apps.app_config.AppConfig[source]

Bases: object

AppConfig is the hook class to be able to inspect the code and find where your apps will be defined.

name = ''

asyncorm.apps.app_migration module

class asyncorm.apps.app_migration.AppMigration[source]

Bases: object

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